Carol is drama film directed in 2015 by a person known as Todd Haynes. The screenplay of the film was carefully written by Nagy Phillips based on The Prince of salt novel written by Patricia Highsmith. Carol stars Rooney Mara, Cate Blanchett, Kyle Chandler, Sarah Paulson, Jake Lacy. Carol was set in New York during the 1950s, featuring a story of a forbidden affair involving an older woman ongoing a difficult divorce and an upcoming female photographer.

Carol is one of the most alluring and interesting movies to watch. During the early 1950s in New York, Therese Belivet is featured as a hardworking woman working at a department store in Manhattan. Therese Belivet dreams and hopes for a happy and fulfilling life when she comes into contact with Carol Aird, a woman who happens to be trapped in a failing marriage. However, no sooner than their immediate connection happens, the innocence that comes with their first encounter together suddenly dims with their connection deepening.

Later on, Carol manages to break free from marriage. However, before this happens, Carol’s husband vehemently retaliates through challenging Carol’s role as a mother in addition to her close involvement with her best friend, Therese. Much later, Therese and Carol decide to take some refuge on the road while leaving their respective husbands behind. Later on, a confrontation emerges as some means of testing Carol’s and Theresa’s commitments towards each other.

Carol is an exceptional movie that has received praise and criticism in equal measure. There are those who perceive Carol as one of the best and arguably one of the most intelligent movies ever made that takes its viewers within the clouds of self-control and depression upon which Carol has tried to manage her life. On the other hand, and as of Therese, the movie attempts to show us how she (Therese) seems to bear no attachment at all to the aged woman. In other words, this is an affair that happens between equals with Theresa somehow demonstrating some form of maturity that the generational and showy insecure Carol completely lacks.

Carol the movie is more of a generational romantic love story between two women of different ages. In fact, the movie features generational conflict that takes place between two women born years apart, one of them lacking, or completely failing to recognise that she has all the options at her disposal of developing a professional career to the extent of becoming a successful woman in the society.

Carol is one of the best and informative films around as the drama goes ahead to depict the corsetry, mystery, and the manner in which gay individuals living in the 1950s had a difficult and challenging situation trying to negotiate their ways of living with some form of dignity. Carol is one of the best movies around that tries to highlight the challenges of having to live in a difficult marriage. It brings out the concept of true love regardless of age or gender. Additionally, the film tries to highlight how relationships can be tried and subsequently tested.

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