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So many people would agree with the fact that “Carol” the movie looks like a dream and makes you want to fall in love all over again. In the film the director Todd Haynes has made sure that the best cast is chosen and that the story and emotions all stand out in a very loving way. Simply one of the best love stories of all time. The story itself is very deep and complex. The film is basically about two human beings that come from two completely different worlds, ages and stations to finding each other and falling deeply in love.
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So when hearing that they are going to financially support us was so amazing. We got to improve our entire production system. First of all we got to align the flow of the video with the emotional response which is crucial to invoke the viewers. Second of all we have acquired new camara’s that were able to shoot scenes that that was impossible to do with the old camara’s. And lastly we got to cast some the best people for this film. Their financial support has therefore been so appreciated!

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