MT4 Partnership

Thanks to our partners and their financial support, we could finally manage to improve our entire production system. Since we were working with old cameras, we were now able to purchase new equipment in order to shoot scenes that was impossible with the old ones. Also we could casts the best actors for this film, so the financial support was really helpful to us. Now that we are planning to shoot another kind of movie, we were looking for more partners and investors in order to develop all of our new ideas. Our plans are to create a second film that will be based on sending an important message to our society. Our world needs to be shaking up a little bit, since there are still some horrible events and problems going on. The main goal of our production company is to show the world a combination of all the different sides of every story. It’s necessary that people will understand the thoughts and actions behind every scenario and we are the right company that is able to send the message through our movies.

The company MT4 is now financially supporting us so that we are able to start the production and shoots for the new movie. We are very grateful for this, because it allows us to move to other and different locations without sticking to a tight budget as we have now. Our next movie will be recorded in the beautiful city of Havana, Cuba. The love story of this movie will be about a secret passion between two people that are both experience a hard time in their life. Even though this story might sounds like a typical drama movie, we can already tell you that this movie is also providing beautiful and spectacular moments that you have never seen before. Since MT4 is now supporting us, we are able to find the best actors and cast that will fit this scenery. The casting process already started and soon the gathering of all the chosen actors will be complete and finalized.

After our production team gathered all the actors, we will immediately heading to Havana in order to start filming. The movie will be mostly recorded in the old Havana part of the city, because of all the bright colours and the musical entertainment. We can’t reveal too much details for now, but the scenes will be amazing and especially for foreigners very exciting to see. We will also be focusing on the nightlife, Cuban salsa parties and the dynamic culture. The expected release date will be around the end of next year, since this will also include the theme of Christmas. If a romantic drama film, with action and thrilling scenes sounds interesting to you, you should keep an eye on the development process and the film premier. We would like to thank MT4 for all of their support, because we couldn’t turn this dream into reality without all of their help. Stay tuned for more information about the movie on our website and social media channels.