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Films or movies touching on lesbianism and queer women have for the longest time failed to be noticed or praised for their excellence. The film industry such as Hollywood has for the longest time existed as a sexist symbol or machine and it has been really hard to find a solid film concerning women, let alone a recognised film that acknowledges the fact that a woman can actually enjoy or prefer the company of another woman. Even though there seems to be some unprecedented progress being realized in television, sadly the film industry still lags miles behind, offering little, if any, the portrayal of gay women.

Even though the film industry has been silent on highlighting matters to do with lesbianism, there seems to have been some development over the last 15 years all the way up to today on matters relating to the development and subsequent recognition of lesbianism films. Today, there are a couple of lesbian films out there for people to watch. There seems to have been some sort of awakening in the film industry in general. What may have been considered to be abnormal, evil or queer is not the case as of today. The film industry seems to have undergone some transformation to the extent of accepting or highlighting issues that were previously ignored such as the concept of lesbianism or the aspect of love between two women.

For instance, “Pariah” comes in as an apt example of such a film. Released in 2011, “Pariah” features a teenage girl who happens to embrace all her queerness and subsequent expression of gender masculinity. This is a film about a young woman who is truly searching for the love of her life though she wonders how to confide in her parents and the entire family. The movie stars a character known as Alike who happens to live in a world where cases of homosexuality are significantly unknown.

Apart from “Parrah”, there are also other movies that attempt to highlight the concept of lesbianism. D.E.B.S is equally another important film that tries to highlight the concept of lesbianism. Released in 2004, a significant part of this film features a true love story between what appears to be the hero and the villain in the movie. D.E.B.S features a forbidden love story that happens between two women. One is a spy and the other one is an international thief who mainly steals diamonds. This is another film that truly attempts to highlight the concept of lesbianism and how two women can actually fall in love with one another. In the past, a scene of two women kissing or holding each other closely was hard to understand. However, this is an apt example of such a film. It features scenes of two women finding love and comfort in the hands of each other.

“Heavenly Creatures” released in 1994 is also another film that attempts to highlight the concept of lesbianism. The film features two women (Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker) who happen to fall in love with each other though they are worlds apart. This is a film that features teen or young lesbian obsession that ends up in tragedy. This film features two girls who happen to have intense and deep feelings towards each other.

The above is not all. “The Handmaiden” is another film released in 2016 that attempts to highlight the concept of lesbianism. In fact, “The Handmaiden” is recognized as one of the latest films that appear to fully address the concept of lesbianism. A significant part of the film touches on deep lesbian romance and a love affair between two women (Kim Tae-ri and Min-hee). Fun fact, there is a scene in this movie where Kim Tae ri read the best roulette review online and this evolved the online casino industry because it became such a hype and everyone started doing it.

Lastly, “Set It Off” by Gary Gray is another film released in 1996 that attempt to highlight the concept of lesbianism. The story features women trying to fight the system that kept them submissive for too long. A lot of people regard this film as a queer movie based on love scenes that happens between Cleo and Ursula.