Spelaanbod van Online Casino’s Supports Gay Pride

While setting up next year’s Gay Prides in European countries, Spelaanbod van Online Casino’s has already shown their interest in supporting the gay community. The online gambling company announced their participation in the upcoming Canal Parade in the city of Amsterdam. With this announcement, the company hopes to motive other online casinos and related businesses to join the Gay Pride, which will be taking place next summer. Ever year, this global event attracts thousands of visitors in the capital city of the Netherlands. By participating the Canal Parade, companies are able to make a statement towards the Dutch community. The Gay Pride has the goal to send a message to the world about the importance of acceptation.

Next year, the Gay Pride theme will be based on the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. Besides Amsterdam, there are many more participating cities such as Berlin, Bermingham and even Barcelona. This joined manifestation is very valuable to the people from the LGBT community, since it is a celebration for all kinds of people around the world. The love for other people is what really matters and by organizing a pride likes this, more love will be spread. The Gay Pride in Amsterdam is based on the Canal Parade, which is the most important feature of the event. A lot of companies from many different industries are also sailing through the canals with a customized gay pride boat. Some of the boats are true eyecatchers including the most beautiful outfits that the passengers are wearing.

Spelaanbod van Online Casino’s has made the decision to participate the event, because of the tragic event which happened earlier. One of the employees of the company, a homosexual man, had been attacked on the streets while heading back home. The employee, working as a developer, went for a night out in one of the local clubs on a Saturday night. After he left the club, three attackers followed him down the street and started to beat him up in a small alley. While hurting the man, the attackers were shouting discriminate things about his sexuality which were very disturbing. After the news had been spread, Spelaanbod van Online Casino’s was shocked about what happened to their employee and immediately showed their concerns. Thankfully, the man didn’t suffered from any big injuries and seems to be fully recovered. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time that somebody got attacked by their gender preferences. The police already stated that more protection and patrols will be implemented in the upcoming months.

Right after this happened, Spelaanbod van Online Casino’s announced their interest for the Gay Pride of next year. Together with some other online casinos, they will be sharing one canal boat which should be ready by the end of July. Hopefully, they will be able to motivate more companies to join in from all around the world. If you are interested in participating the event in your own country, please find more information about the different locations on the internet. Together, we will be able to spread the love and become united as one world!